10 Places You’ll Find Maine Coon Kittens For FREE (2024)

I’m obsessed with the Maine Coon cat breed, and after having spent roughly $1,000 (£799) on my first purebred Maine Coon kitten, Pippin, I was determined to own more!

But, I couldn’t afford $3,000+ for two more of these dog-like cats so I searched high and low for cheaper alternatives and in doing so found legitimate places where you can adopt Maine Coon kittens for free!

Maine Coon kittens are expensive felines in high demand. It’s challenging to find free Maine Coons, but NOT impossible if you’re patient and determined. Find free Maine Coons at Cat Cafes, Catteries, Veterinary Practices, Adopt a Stray, Social Media Groups, Cat Shelters, Rescue Centres, Breeders, Classified Ads, and Maine Coon Adoption Services.

If my story sounds familiar I’ve got some information you need to know, so stay tuned! I’ll show you how I adopted 2 beautiful Maine Coon cats for just $563 (£450).

Why Cheap Maine Coons Are Hard To Find

Maine Coon kittens and cats have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the United States where this cat breed first originated.

In 2016 the Cat Fanciers Association ran a poll that ranked the Maine Coon cat as the 5th most popular cat breed to own. And since then, the Maine Coon cat breed’s popularity has only skyrocketed.

According to PR Newswire, the Cat Fanciers Association ran a new poll in 2024, where the Maine Coon was ranked 2nd most popular cat breed to own! Wow!!

The Maine Coon Cat, also known as the “gentle giant”, comes in at 2nd place. Recognized by CFA in 1976, they are known for their large size, tufted ears, and bushy tails. Their playful nature and impressive size make them an excellent choice for those who want a larger, interactive cat.

PR Newswire

I cannot say I’m surprised, as the Maine Coon has such a calm and laid-back temperament. They’re great with kids and get along with other household pets (unless you own mice, rabbits, or rats!!)

Learn more about the Maine Coon Personality in my Complete Guide To Maine Coon Temperament. In this article, I’ve listed 21 typical Maine Coon traits that are common in purebred Maine Coons.

If you’ve found your perfect Maine Coon Mix, you’ll likely spot some of these Maine Coon Characteristics in your cat too.

However, since your cat is of mixed breeds you may not find all these famous cat breeds quirks! And, I do mean QUIRKS!! haha!

Maine Coons are fun, playful, affectionate, vocal, and Mans Best Friend. The biggest surprise for me, however, has been witnessing the Weird Sounds Maine Coon Cats Make!

Listen to my three Maine Coons Pippin, Bali & Mika chatter and talk on my YouTube Channel: Maine Coon Central.

Who Sells Maine Coon Kittens?

If you’re determined to find a purebred Maine Coon kitten, the best thing to do is contact a Registered Maine Coon Cat Breeder, like these. Unfortunately, the kitten WILL NOT be free, but approximately $1,000. Ouch!

Due to the expensive nature of this prestigious cat breed, many scam operations have been set up to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers who don’t know How To Identify A Maine Coon Kitten.

Make sure you READ this Maine Coon Cat Scam Guide so you DON’T fall victim:

Never purchase a kitten from a backyard breeder as their ‘cheap Maine Coon kittens’ come at a price.

And, that price can be quite hefty (literally, as vet bills don’t come cheap!) since the breeding cats are not screened for these Common Maine Coon Health Issues:

  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • PK Deficiency
  • Factor XI Deficiency (F11)
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

So, who else sells these precious furballs?

Maine Coon Rescue Centers and animal shelters are a great place to start your search since these organizations often have Maine Coon mixes or purebred kittens available for adoption.

You’ll also find kittens or older cats advertised online or at pet shops. Keep in mind that each of these options does have its risks.

How Flexible Are You?

Finding Maine Coon kittens for free takes considerable time, effort and perseverance. Don’t expect to make contact on Thursday and walk away with a cat on Friday!

Be realistic before starting your search, and decide if you’re willing to widen your search to include:

  • Maine Coon Mix
  • Adult Maine Coon
  • 7+ Senior Maine Coon
  • Cats with no registration papers
  • Sick Maine Coon
  • Older Maine Coon Kitten
  • Different-colored Maine Coon

Once you’ve established your criteria, the search begins!

10 Places To Find A Maine Coon Kitten For Free

I’ve spent countless hours researching the best places to buy, adopt and find free Maine Coon kittens because I desperately wanted to give our adult Maine Coon (Pippin) a friend and playmate.

The picture below is of 10-year-old Pippin, our first Maine Coon cat who sadly suffered from mild hip dysplasia and arthritis in his later years. He looks thoughtful!

10 Places You’ll Find Maine Coon Kittens For FREE (7)

1. Cat Cafes

A cat cafe is a unique establishment where patrons can enjoy food and beverages while interacting with resident cats.

These cafes provide a cozy and relaxing environment for humans and felines alike.

Here are some reasons why you might find a free (or reduced) Maine Coon cat or kitten at a cat cafe:

  1. Adoption Events: Many cat cafes partner with local animal shelters or rescue organizations to host adoption events. During these events, cats and kittens, including Maine Coons, are available for adoption at reduced fees or sometimes even for free.
  2. Foster Programs: Some cat cafes operate foster programs where they temporarily house cats and kittens until they find permanent homes. Maine Coons in these programs may be available for adoption at reduced rates or waived adoption fees.

Below are a few recommended cat cafes in the USA where I’d personally love to grab a coffee and chill around felines of every cat breed (Fact-checked May 2024):

Don’t fret if you live in the UK, as I’ve got you covered! I have found the following UK cat cafes that I’m certain you will love:

  • Catpawcino: 77 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DE.
10 Places You’ll Find Maine Coon Kittens For FREE (8)

2. Catteries

A cattery is a facility specifically designed for breeding and housing cats, particularly pedigree breeds like Maine Coons.

You may find a free or reduced-price Maine Coon cat or kitten at a cattery because:

  1. Retired Breeding Cats: Catteries often retire breeding cats once they have reached a certain age or have produced a certain number of litters.
  2. Show Quality Kittens: Some catteries breed show-quality Maine Coon kittens. Kittens not meeting these standards may be available for adoption at reduced prices.
  3. Rescues and Rehoming: Catteries occasionally take in Maine Coons surrendered or rescued. These cats and kittens may be offered for adoption at reduced prices to cover the cost of their care.
  4. Temporary Foster Care: Catteries may offer temporary foster care to Maine Coons in need, such as those awaiting adoption or rehabilitation.

3. Maine Coon Organizations

Groups dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and welfare of Maine Coon cats. They provide resources, support, and education to Maine Coon owners, breeders, and enthusiasts.

Here are some examples of Maine Coon organizations:

  • Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association (MCBFA)
  • The International Cat Association (TICA)
  • Maine Coon Cat Club
  • Maine Coon Rescue
  • The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)

There are several reasons why I think you might find free or ‘cheap’ Maine Coon kittens via these organizations:

  1. Rescue and Rehoming Programs: These organizations may have rescue and rehoming programs dedicated to finding homes for Maine Coons in need.
  2. Foster Programs: Some Maine Coon organizations operate foster programs where cats and kittens are placed in temporary foster homes until they can be adopted.
  3. Adoption Events: Maine Coon organizations may host adoption events.
  4. Retired Breeding Cats: Maine Coon breeders and organizations may retire breeding cats once they have finished their breeding careers.

4. Veterinary Practises

A veterinary surgery is a facility where veterinarians provide medical care to animals.

You might find a free Maine Coon at a veterinary surgery, because:

  1. Medical Care: A vet may provide medical care to a cat brought in by owners who are unable to afford treatment. In this situation, some owners surrender their pets. These cats would then be placed for adoption at reduced fees to cover the cost of their medical treatment.
  2. Stray or Abandoned Animals: Veterinary surgeries may provide care for stray or abandoned cats and kittens, and then put them up for adoption.
  3. Surrendered Pets: Owners may surrender their Maine Coon cats or kittens to a veterinary surgery for various reasons, such as moving, financial hardship, or lifestyle changes.

5. Adopting A Stray

Stray cats often end up in shelters or rescue organizations where they can be adopted at little to no cost. By rescuing a stray you provide a loving home to a deserving animal.

Shelters are not as used to taking in pedigree cats due to their expensive purchase price. The staff might not immediately identify the cat as a Maine Coon, rather than a normal long-haired cat.

Use this guide to Identify A Maine Coon Kitten amongst the other long-haired kittens and cats in the shelter.

6. Online Social Media Groups

One of the benefits of online social media is that you have access to more people, more knowledge, and more opportunities to find the cat of your dreams.

  • Social Media Groups: Join Maine Coon-specific groups on platforms like Facebook, where members may offer free or discounted kittens.
  • Adoption Pages: Follow animal adoption pages.
  • Networking: Connect with Maine Coon breeders, shelters, or rescues through social media.
  • Local Community Pages: Check community pages or groups on platforms like Facebook for postings about free or reduced-price Maine Coon kittens.
  • Share Requests: Share your desire to adopt a Maine Coon kitten on your social media profiles, as friends or acquaintances may know of available kittens or be able to connect you with someone who does.
  • Online Forums: Participate in online forums or adoption discussion boards.

7. Cat Shelters And Rescue Centres

One of the best places to find a free Maine Coon kitten is in a cat shelter or rescue center, so keep in regular contact with your nearby shelters.

If the shelter does not state it has any Maine Coons, check the photo list to see if a long-haired cat might have been mistaken for a Maine Coon! This happens more often than you would think since staff are not trained to spot these specialist cats.

If you think you have spotted a Maine Coon kitten in one of these establishments, visit the shelter to ascertain if the kitten is a purebred or mixed Maine Coon kitten.

THIS Maine Coon GUIDE will help you ascertain if the cat is a Maine Coon, or not.

8. Breeders

While it’s uncommon for reputable breeders to give away Maine Coon kittens for free, they may offer reduced prices or discounts in specific situations.

However, it’s essential to be cautious of breeders offering free kittens, as this could indicate unethical breeding practices or poor health conditions.

It’s crucial to thoroughly research and verify the reputation of any breeder before acquiring a Maine Coon kitten from them.

9. Classified Ads

You can use classified ads platforms like Craigslist or local newspapers to find Maine Coon kittens for free or at a reduced price.

Look for ads posted by individuals rehoming their pets or offering kittens from accidental litters. However, exercise caution and ensure the kittens are healthy and well-cared for before making a financial commitment.

Here are some popular classified ad websites in the USA:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Hoobly
  4. Oodle
  5. Geebo
  6. PennySaver USA
  7. Recycler
  8. USFreeAds
  9. AmericanListed

Some popular classified ad websites in the UK are:

  1. Gumtree
  2. Preloved
  3. Pets4Homes
  4. Freeads
  5. UK Classifieds
  6. Exchange and Mart

10. Maine Coon Adoption Services

Maine Coon adoption services are organizations or groups that facilitate the adoption of Maine Coon cats. They often rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Maine Coons in need.

Adoption costs will cover the kitten’s board, medical needs, food costs, and staff costs incurred during the process of housing the Maine Coon kitten.

10 Places You’ll Find Maine Coon Kittens For FREE (10)

How To Increase Your Chances Of Success

To increase your chances of success you need to:

  1. Stay in regular contact with cat shelters and adoption centers letting them know what type of cat you’re looking for.
  2. Make friends with the various cat organizations. You’ll be in contact with them a LOT!! You might as well make a friend, or two! If you regularly speak to them they are more likely to remember you and call when a suitable cat arrives.
  3. Be open-minded by widening your search location and preferred kitten choice.

Keep an open mind – if you spot a ‘cheap’ Maine Coon consider buying it because a healthy kitten sold at a lower-than-market price is still better than paying full price!


To wrap up my discussion on finding Maine Coon kittens for free, I must highlight the potential risks associated with obtaining kittens outside of registered breeders.

While the allure of a free kitten may be tempting, it’s crucial to prioritize the health, well-being, and ethical breeding practices that reputable breeders uphold.

By sourcing from registered breeders, you not only ensure the kitten’s health and pedigree but also support responsible breeding practices within the Maine Coon community.

Remember to thoroughly research all potential sources, ask questions, and trust your instincts.

Good luck in your search, and may you find the furry companion of your dreams!

  • 10 Places You’ll Find Maine Coon Kittens For FREE (11)

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10 Places You’ll Find Maine Coon Kittens For FREE (2024)
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