8 Best Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas (2024 Updated) (2024)

By Sara Peterson


This February, make your bulletin board stand out among other students at your school (especially this Valentine’s Day) with these easy arts and crafts.

Gather your things and spice up the dull bulletin boards with these fun and unique Valentines Day bulletin board ideas we’ve compiled for you.

8 Creative Ideas For Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board

1. Emphasize A General Message About Love - In Red

8 Best Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas (2024 Updated) (1)

A touch of red will give off romantic and fiery Valentine’s Day vibes that would make your bulletin board more catchy [1].

You can put little hearts on your bulletin boards (e.g., on the inner corners) as a border or frame.

2. Turn The Bulletin Board Into A Love Confession Board

A Love Confession Board is fun for students, and you could leave some post-it notes for them to write their confessions to their “crush” or the people they like.

This will spice things up and surely be a huge hit. You can also use a heart-shaped post-it note to highlight the Valentines atmosphere. Check out some Valentine's Day room decor ideas here.

3. Turn It Into A Tree Of Love Where Anyone Can Put Gifts Below Anonymously

Another great idea is to make your own version of Tree of Love following the tradition during Christmas of gift-giving as an act of sending love.

Anyone shy to give their gifts can leave them there anonymously.

You can adorn your Tree of Love with love bugs and tiny paper heart cutouts. Put some Bible verses about love on these papers for heartfelt words of wisdom to reflect on.

You can decorate this heart pillow under your tree and beside the gifts to add a homey ambiance. This can also be a Valentines gift idea to someone dear to you.

Additionally, you can display this with other decorations, like heart balloons at the door beside your bulletin board.

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  • Cat Coffee Mug | 9-Ounce Ceramic Coffee Cup

This adorable cat coffee mug is a great gift idea for someone who loves drinking coffee.

You can put this under the Tree of Love as a design or on your mini stall for a fundraising activity that students can purchase as a gift to their loved ones.

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  • Llama Sweet Heart Alpaca 4.5" Plush Key Chain Pink

Level up your tree with this cute plush keychain in pink. This will kick off that sweet, fun, and cute holiday Valentine vibes your Tree of Love needs.

You may also use this Llama with a big heart to decorate or give as a gift for your friends this Valentines Day.

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4. Paste Free Candies & Chocolates Up For Grab

Giving free candies and chocolates is a perfect way to promote your bulletin board [2]. Kids will surely love coming your way just to get free candies.

After all, who doesn’t love sweets?

5. Put A Love Letter Box Beside The Heart-Filled Bulletin Board

A love letter box beside your bulletin board is one of the fun bulletin board ideas that can never go wrong.

This fun idea will surely be a hit as students write love letters to their friends in class and teachers during Valentine (whether they’re a child or a teen).

You may also create and place this in a space beside the bulletin board or the classroom door.

Make sure it’s full of hearts with quotations printed inside to inspire every student walking down the hallway.

6. Put Some Fairy Lights Around The Bulletin Board

Putting fairy lights around the bulletin boards is another great Valentine idea. This makes your bulletin board picture-perfect, and the whole class can get a good photo.

Hang it on your bulletin board using glue or tape and decor it with a craft (like a spring-themed Valentine bee with hearts).

It would also be a great idea to add something to your bulletin board related to “Black History Month” to give inspiration this February.

7. Put A “Give Love To Everyone” Sign & Paste Heart Stickies For Grab

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Display or place this sign on the door and paste mini heart stickies with candy so that students can grab one whenever they enter the classroom door.

This will definitely get Grade School kids excited to enter their class this February.

You can also add sweet letters for them as a sweet Valentine greeting every time they step inside your classroom door.

8. Turn The Bulletin Board Into A Song Dedication Board

This is one of the sweet board ideas you can’t miss out on this February. Students can request a song, and one group can go from classroom to classroom to sing the song.

This will be a fun idea to spread love in your school (even those in Sunday school) this February.


Is a Valentine’s Day bulletin board important?

Yes, a Valentines Day bulletin board is important to disseminate any planned activity related to the holidays this February.

How can you make Valentine’s Day bulletin board attractive?

You can customize them using hearts, fairy lights, and balloons. Go all out and decorate them to give off Valentine's vibes at your school this February.

Make any board come to life with these cute bulletin board ideas.

Live, Laugh, & Hug

Make February a month of giving and spreading love with these bulletin board ideas, whether in the classroom or Sunday school.

If you’re thinking of giving gifts to your Grade School kids, this PEANUTS VALENTINES DAY 100 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE will make their day extra special.

Check out Toynk for more gift ideas for kids and adults to keep the fire of love burning on Valentine’s Day.

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  2. https://www.history.com/news/valentines-day-chocolate-box-history-cadbury
8 Best Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas (2024 Updated) (2024)
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