8 Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas to Inspire Students - Teach with Holly Rachel (2024)

Are you looking for ideas to refresh your bulletin boards? Or maybe you’re a new teacher looking for bulletin board classroom ideas for your first year. Well, look no further! I have gathered 8 of my favorite creative bulletin board classroom ideas for teachers to inspire and motivate your students today! From interactive displays to incorporating student comments and feedback, these ideas will turn any elementary classroom into a vibrant and engaging space. Encourage student participation by incorporating interactive elements, such as puzzles or QR codes. Create a sense of community by displaying student work or achievements. The possibilities are endless! So, get ready to revamp your classroom with these innovative bulletin board ideas. Make learning fun, inspire curiosity, and leave a lasting impression on your students. Let’s dive in and find the perfect inspiration for your classroom bulletin boards!

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Why are bulletin boards important in the classroom?

Let’s start by highlighting the importance of bulletin boards and why they play a vital role in the classroom environment. They act as visual aids that reinforce learning concepts and create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. By utilizing bulletin boards effectively, teachers can enhance student understanding, foster creativity, and promote active participation. Visually appealing bulletin boards can captivate students’ interest and make learning enjoyable. Additionally, bulletin boards provide a platform for showcasing student work, recognizing achievements, and encouraging collaboration among peers.

Bulletin boards also serve as a valuable resource for students to refer to. Display important information, such as class schedules, upcoming events, or study tips, ensuring that students have easy access to relevant materials. This promotes organization and helps students stay on track with their studies. By implementing these creative bulletin board classroom ideas, teachers can create an engaging and inspiring learning environment for their students.

Benefits of Using Creative Bulletin Boards

Using creative bulletin boards in the classroom offers a wide range of benefits for both teachers and students. Let’s explore some of the advantages of incorporating creative bulletin board ideas into your teaching practices. Bulletin boards can:

  • Spark curiosity
  • Motivate learners
  • Develop a positive attitude towards learning
  • Boost self esteem
  • Foster a sense of community in the classroom
  • Build a sense of belonging
  • Act as visual learning aids
  • Improve classroom organisation and routines

Let’s jump into my top tips for creative bulletin board classroom ideas for teachers.

1. Interactive Bulletin Board classroom ideas

Interactive bulletin boards can greatly enhance student engagement and participation in the classroom. By incorporating interactive elements, you can create a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to actively interact with the bulletin board. Here are some ideas for interactive bulletin boards:

QR Codes

A simple way to get started is to utilise technology to elevate your bulletin boards through QR codes. QR codes is a type of barcode that can be read by the camera on a digital device such as an ipad. It typically links to a website and redirects the user to the website when scanned. They are quick and simple to create yourself on many QR code generator websites.

You can pose questions on the bulletin board and display a QR code which links to the answer. Students scan the QR code with an ipad to reveal the answer! You could also design a bulletin board that incorporates QR codes linked to online resources or quizzes. Assign students to scan the QR codes and complete the activities or answer the questions. This encourages independent learning and allows students to explore topics at their own pace.

Question of the week

Create a question of the week bulletin board where students can write their answers on sticky notes and attach them to the board. This promotes critical thinking, encourages discussion, and allows students to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers. Students could also add their own questions about their class topics, which other students in the class could research and answer.

Vocabulary Word Wall

Another way to incorporate interactive elements is through a vocabulary wall wall bulletin board. Display key vocabulary words or terms, and encourage students to write sentences or draw illustrations that demonstrate their understanding of the words. This helps reinforce vocabulary and allows students to actively interact with the words. Students can also add to the word wall throughout the year with new vocabulary they have learned.

2. Augmented reality bulletin boards

Bulletin board classroom ideas using technology really engage students and bring ideas and concepts to life. Augmented reality (AR) is a wonderful way to add another dimension to the bulletin board. AR can be accessed through educational apps. The camera on the device (ipad, mobile etc) is pointed at an element on the display that the app recognises. This will add digital elements such as graphics, animations, video, sound etc over the regular camera view on the screen. AR could bring an ancient building or city to life on a history bulletin board, or tour a famous landmark on a social studies bulletin board or even or show a 3D model of a scientific process in action. It could transport students around the world and see and hear wild animals in their natural habitat, or even view the planets up close in the solar system!

3. Fun bulletin board games

Add interactive elements to your bulletin boards by creating games and puzzles. You could use velcro or magnets to create movable pieces. You could post questions on the bulletin board and students have to move the correct answer to the question, or match vocabulary with their definition, or even could match shapes to their properties. The possibilities are endless!

Why not incorporate classic games into your bulletin boards? Create a ‘Boggle’ style game, by adding changeable letters, fixed with velcro. Refresh the letters regularly for a new challenge. You could create a broken calculator game where students have to make the number on the calculator screen using only certain buttons. Make removable digits and operation symbols and extra digits for the display. Remove some of the (broken) standard digits and operation symbols from the calculator and challenge students to make the display number using the buttons left. Change the target number and broken buttons regularly for new challenges.

4. Improve classroom routines and organisation

Bulletin boards that inform students of routines and schedules really do help to create a well organised classroom. Having daily routines displayed is also beneficial to students with certain special educational needs, as they know what to expect throughout the day, what is coming next and it helps to reduce anxiety.

As well as displaying daily routines, having information readily available in bulletin board pockets such as spare homework sheets or newsletters also helps students to become more self reliant, and saves you time, as students don’t need to keep asking you when they need another homework sheet or letter home.

5. Visual learning aid bulletin board classroom ideas

Bulletin board can act as visual references for learning. This reduces the amount of questions students may need to ask you and helps them to seek answers themselves from available resources. This is a key opportunity to develop vocabulary. Word walls are a great reference for students to use a bank to develop their vocabulary. Display the words in alphabetical order, organised underneath the letters of the alphabet. Add words to the word wall throughout the year to develop student vocabulary over the course of the year. Topic words are also essential vocabulary to display. If you are learning a modern foreign language, labelling objects around the classroom with the foreign language word will really help students develop their vocabulary. Mathematic vocabulary and number posters, multiplication tables and number bond are all important information for students to refer to.

6. Create community using bulletin boards

Personalise bulletin boards by adding photographs or comments by students. Try to have a contribution of a piece of work from each child in the class on display across your bulletin boards so all students are represented and included. A great way to create a community feel is through a. shared art project. Students all contribute towards a particular scene. This could be recreating a famous painting, where students individually or in small groups create elements that are added the scene. It is great to see all the individual elements come together as one piece.

7. Feedback bulletin boards

Give students the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on bulletin boards. This encourages students to reflect on their learning and give opinions. Students can write their comments about their learning on sticky notes which can be added to the board. I have also used recordable postcards, where students can record themselves speaking about a project they have worked on, onto the postcard. Then add the postcard to the display, which can be played back when a button on the postcard it pressed.

8. Student work display bulletin boards

Showcasing student work on bulletin boards is a powerful way to recognize and celebrate student achievements. Not only does it provide a sense of pride and accomplishment for students, but it also inspires and motivates others. Have a dedicated student work showcase board where each student has a space to display their best work. Keep the board up all year long, updating the work regularly.

If you’d like to get started with your own students showcase, check out my fun themed student work display bulletin board sets, with simple to follow instruction on how you can set up the board in your classroom.

This superhero bulletin board student work display set is easy to set up and comes with bulletin board letters to spell out ‘ super work’.

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Praise call outs are included in a superhero theme.

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Quick and easy to use editable name labels for boys and girls are also included. Simple type your students’ names into the templates and print and go.

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Leave the display up all year round and refresh the students’ work displayed regularly to keep the display fresh. Click here to find out more.

I also have the following themed student work bulletin board sets to suit a range of different classroom themes. Click on the images to learn more.

Ocean bulletin board student work display set


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Jungle bulletin board student work display set

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Hollywood movie bulletin board student work display set

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Space bulletin board student work display set

8 Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas to Inspire Students - Teach with Holly Rachel (8)



8 Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas to Inspire Students - Teach with Holly Rachel (2024)
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