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Bulletin Boards are a great way to spruce up your office or share important information with your students and staff throughout the school. I’ve used them to highlight character trait winners, to spotlight colleges and career clusters, and to simply provide a positive message for students visiting my office.

I asked my email subscribers and Facebook followers to share their favorite bulletin boards, and today I want to share those with you.

Featured Bulletin Boards

Melanie, a LSW, shared this first bulletin board. She said, “I love that kids are reminded tohavea growth mindset and positive attitude right when they enter the building doors. I want kids to know that it is up to them to be a difference maker in their own life as well as others.”

Aimee shared another cute version of this board.

Lowanda, a 7th grade school counselor shared this bulletin board. She said, “I used tohavestudent exit tickets as mybulletinboards. I completed a lesson with my 7thgraders following a week-long (M-Th) Socratic Circle lesson with their English teacher. It was so hard for me to sit back and observe them and not interrupt. I took everything in and incorporated it into my bullying lesson. I wanted to talk with the students about how serious their actions can be towards others.”

“At the end of my lessons, I would always ask a question or give them a topic to write a short message about. After discussing bullying and how it can lead to devastating outcomes, I asked them, “How Do You Want To Be Remembered?”…This was that lesson’s outcome.”

“For thisbulletinboard, I used colorful notepad sheets, cut in half. I wanted my message andboardto be full of bright, colorful, happy thoughts and look the part as well. Students only write their names on the back of the sheets. I connected them together to form thisbulletinboard.”

“This is not a beginning-of-the-year type ofbulletinboard. This is a once you get to know your students and how they are behaving type ofbulletinboard. It really touched home and I saw a complete change in their behavior the rest of that year.”

Elle Jay shared these two bulletin boards highlighting a welcome back message and career clusters!

Kendra shares a bulletin board with a resource teacher and loves this one. I love it too!

Shelly shared the following three bulletin boards. See the captions for her commentary.

DrAnge Bee shared this creative bulletin board for high school students. She said, “Starting at GO, each space is something related to senior year, some specific to the school and school district. For example, CIL (Center for Innovative Learning was the alternative school that students had to go to if they were long-term suspended). The pink slip shown in the “Go directly to CIL” space is the discipline referral students received from the AP, who was also pictured in the space. “

“Some of the spaces included: Complete the FAFSA, Apply for a scholarship, Prom, and the typical Free Parking was Homecoming. Other spaces included See Your Counselor and College Adviser, Join a Club, and Teacher Recommendation. There was also spaces designated to show the prices of senior prom and senior dues.” Seniornopoly is pretty impressive!

Jana shared this cute Academy Award-themed bulletin board. She said, “My co-counselor and I were so proud of our board! I wish it could stay up all year!!”

Annie says she loves this bulletin board because she’s a farm girl with a farm in her classroom.

Katherine shared her office door. She said, “Our school theme this year is Taylor Swift as we are “Writing Our Story”. This is on my office door. A student asked me if it was Taylor Swift themed and when I said yes, she said SLAY!! :)”

This last bulletin board was shared by Rhiannon. She said, “The llamas have different topics the kids can discuss during counseling sessions on them.”

Thank you so much to all of you who shared photos of your favorite bulletin boards to share here on Savvy School Counselor. I love seeing the different ideas and hope they will help someone else who has a bulletin to prepare soon!

Would you still like to share your bulletin board in this blog post? Just email me with a picture and a few sentences telling me about it, and I will add it!

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Bulletin Board Ideas for School Counselors - Savvy School Counselor (2024)
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