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Top Answer:You're in luck because it can be! You can apply for a Skillshare scholarship - meaning if you can prove that you really are currently studying, you can send the documents they require, (check their…more »

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Can all teachers create eLearning programs on Skillshare?

Top Answer:Yes, everyone can create and upload eLearning lessons on this site. Skillshare has its own original content and that's led by famous people. But the website is community-based, meaning literally every…more »

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How many classes can you take on Skillshare?

Top Answer:Hi, you can watch as many courses as you want to - there's no limitation per single account. Skillshare doesn't ask its users to pay for every course they take. Instead, you pay the subscription fee…more »

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Extramarks is an online learning platform focused on the pre-school, K-12, higher studies and Test Prep segments through the skilful combination of pedagogy and technology to learn anywhere, anytime. We ensure concept learning through interactive video modules on the Learning App. These modules are prepared by an in-house team of highly qualified subject-matter experts, giving 360-degree coverage of every concept, building the chance for immersive online learning that ensures deeper comprehension and retention during exam preparation.

Skillshare is an online learning community that offers eLearning in many different areas. It caters to the creative disciplines, including design, illustration, photography, freelancing, video, and more. Users can share their expertise by uploading online classes on Skillshare, meaning that not only field experts, but also practiced professionals can create eLearning opportunities for people of all skill levels. Skillshare also offers its own courses, created and led by famous specialists.

Learners can fully customize their learning experience with Skillshare, selecting the topics they are interested in and receiving personalized recommendations for courses that may be suitable or beneficial for them. The eLearning experience is supported not only through a series of videos for each course but also through additional online content, which is linked to in the videos. The platform promotes interactive learning, which is supported through the completion of projects, assessment, and discussion with community members who have completed the course, as well as with experts or teachers who can assist the learner with advice for improvement.

Skillshare Features

Skillshare offers its services for eLearning for individual learners as well as for teams. The features it provides differ, as teams receive more learning management system features, which help organizations to track the process of learning for each individual within the team and to assist them with anything they might need.

Features that users may benefit from when using Skillshare include:

  • Large course library: Skillshare offers over 25,000 courses for eLearning for individuals and groups. Courses cover creative topics such as fine art, graphic design, music, and photography, but there are also courses on topics such as web development, UI/UX design, business analytics, and productivity.
  • Expert educators: Skillshare’s original courses are run by celebrities and well-known successful people in their areas of expertise.
  • Mobile eLearning: Students can benefit from Skillshare’s courses through their smartphone devices, as the platform has an app for both iOS and Android. Through these apps. users can access the classes they have watched on the web and continue where they last left off. Learners can also download classes for offline access if they have a Skillshare membership.
  • Interactive community: Students on Skillshare are able to benefit from a very interactive community during the eLearning process, as they are encouraged to finish their courses by practicing the learned skill. The projects by students are displayed on the website and can be viewed even by unregistered users, who can see and potentially choose a course based on the skills they have viewed in these projects.

Skillshare Benefits

Skillshare offers various benefits through the eLearning it provides for individual users as well as for teams of learners. Some of the benefits it offers through its courses and features include:

  • Continuously growing course library
  • Option to access courses from different teachers, including practicing artists and field experts
  • Annual membership discounts for creative software and platforms
  • Free trial and referral program

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Extramarks is ranked unranked in eLearning while Skillshare is ranked 6th in eLearning. Extramarks is rated 0.0, while Skillshare is rated 0.0. On the other hand, Extramarks is most compared with , whereas Skillshare is most compared with Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft and QuoDeck .

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Compare Extramarks vs Skillshare (2024)
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