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Complete walkthrough of Hello Neighbor 2 DLC: Back To School. Follow our guide to complete the adventure. Our guide lists step by step and in image the main path: enigma, path. Codes or locations may vary from game to game. In this DLC, you will be confronted with a school guardian and his three dogs. Hide in the lockers to escape them. The school is large and full of puzzles. Some puzzles are optional, others required to complete the DLC. Our guide is based on the main path.

Summary :

  • Riddle of the telescope and the crow
  • Flag crank
  • Boiler Key
  • Frist floor grid code
  • Principal’s office key
  • Bleu gear
  • Red gear
  • Yellow gear
  • Green gear

When starting the DLC, you find yourself outside of the school.Enter the building and go upstairs.Head into the astronomy room across from a staircase.In the room, there is a telescope and a puzzle on the board.A crow with lights is depicted on the board.

Look through the telescope and look for the Raven constellation.Hold the shiny dots connected by a line.The dots correspond to the lights to be turned on on the board in the room.You must light the following bulbs: On its lower back, its legs, its belly, its eyes and its beak (see image).

By completing this puzzle, you have activated a solar system on the ceiling.Furniture on to the wall form a staircase that allows you to climb on this rotating solar system.It allows you to reach a secret passage.In the passage, you get the crank for the banner from the entrance to the school.

Head to the school entrance near the gate.Position the crank on the mechanism of the school banner.Operate the crank and wait for the flag to be in the air to retrieve a key from the mechanism.

On the first floor facing the stairs, there is a room with a fence closed by a code.To use the key you just found, you must first find the code for this room.Head downstairs.In the middle room, there is a large board and a block of ice.Part of the code is shown on the board: 52. To get the second part of the code, you need hot water.The water will melt the block of ice to access the second part of the board.

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Exit the school and walk around it to the left.You find a dog park with a walking dog.Observe the animal to discover a key in its mouth.To collect the key, you must catch a ball and throw it at it.You easily find balls near the niches.Once he catches the ball, you can collect the key.

Leaving the park, on the right, there is a shelter.You can unlock the padlock of the shelter with the dog’s key.Enter the hut and go down the stairs to discover the establishment’s boiler.

In front of the boiler is a red garbage bag.Catch the bag and throw it in the boiler to fuel the fire.You notice to the right of the boiler a gauge.You need to pick up four more bags to raise the gauge to its maximum.This will allow you to get boiling water.

Still staying outside, near the dog park, you find a hole in the ground.A ladder allows you to descend into this hole.Go down the ladder to find a second plastic bag.

Another plastic bag is in the astronomy room on the first floor.Look above the telescope to find a red plastic bag.Climb on the furniture to reach the heights of the room and grab the bag.

On the ground floor near the toilets, enter a painting classroom.You find a plastic bag on the desk.

The last garbage bag is on the roof.Go forward into the refectory and up the stairs.In the room with the theater, a scaffolding is placed opposite the staircase.Climb on it to reach the roof and get the garbage bag.

When you have collected all the bags, go throw it in the boiler to increase the gauge to its maximum.Go to the first floor and enter the green room.Pick up a vial from a desk near a projector.

On the ground floor, pick up a crowbar in the painting room facing the toilet.Head into the restroom.Use the crowbar on wooden planks to reach a red valve.Collect the valve and position it on the pipes of the large classroom on the ground floor.Operate the valve to activate the water.

On the ground floor, enter the room at the foot of the stairs.In the room, a pipe creates a flow of hot water.Position the vial under water to fill it.Return to the classroom with the code on the board.

Pour the hot water over the block of ice and interact with the board to get the second part of the code: 23.

Return to the first floor in the room with the gate closed.Enter the code 5223 to open the gate.Look up to discover a passage blocked by wooden planks.The furniture in the room allows you to reach the heights and jump on the lamppost to reach the passage.Use the crowbar to unblock the passage.

In the attic, turn right following the black wires on the ground.Move forward to reach a wooden door.Open the door with the key found on the flag mechanism.

You must climb to the very top of the attic to reach the school clock mechanism.Climb the ladder and climb from platform to platform between the gears to reach the heights.Operate the clock mechanism to launch a cutscene.

Return to the Boiler Room.Near the bedroom door, a key is on the wall.It’s the key to the principal’s office.Pick it up and go open the principal’s door in the school on the ground floor.This is the office facing the stairs.

In the principal’s office, press the button to open a secret passage behind the clock.Slide down the conduit to trigger a cutscene.

Head to the gear room.Go straight from gear to gear.You land in the center of the gear mechanism.You notice that 4 colored gears are missing to power the mechanism.

You must explore all the rooms in the area to find the gears.In the room with a raised desk, go down to the very bottom of the room.You land in a classroom with policemen.Interact with the button on a pillar in the center of the room.A gear appeared in the policeman’s hand.Go back to the level of the central mechanism and drop the gear on the red part.

In the room with a cardboard school, press the button at the top right of the entrance.Interact with the portal on the right side to close it.Move to the end of the room to go behind the cardboard school.A stack of desks is positioned in the back of the room.Climb on it to reach the top of the area.Above the pile of desks is a figure with a picture in his hands.Go up to retrieve the photo.

Go back to the central mechanism.Give the photo to the dog in exchange for a gear.Position the gear in the mechanism on the yellow part.

In the area with the red lockers, go forward and enter the room on the right.Look up.Beneath colorful writings is a shelf.The blue gear is positioned above the shelf.Climb on the furniture in the room to reach the shelf and retrieve the gear.Go and place the gear in the central mechanism on the blue part.

In the clock room, a switch is high up. To activate it, stand on the desks and go from shelf to shelf all around the room to reach the switch. You activate a secret passage near the clock.

Enter the passage to reach a space filled with pipes. On the right of the area, a cabinet is placed near a prohibition sign. At the bottom of the area is an electrical box. Interact with it to move the cabinet and open a passage. Take the new path near the prohibition sign and move forward.

Move forward to reach a room filled with paper. Above a pile of seals is the gear resting on a pipe. Collect the last green gear and place it in the mechanism on the green part. Once all the gears are in place, the mechanism gets going. Retrace your steps to reach the beginning of the level and activate a cutscene.

Move behind the pendulum of the clock and climb the ladder. Jump from platform to platform as soon as the gears give you free rein.

In the room of rotating gears, jump from platform to platform as soon as the gears are no longer blocking your way. Gain momentum to reach the end of the area.

In the second room, you have to climb on the gears. Climb on the three gears at the bottom of the area. Position on the third gear, jump on the edge of the wall. From the ledge, jump on the gear closest to the entrance to the area. Jump on it when it’s tilted towards you.

Jump on the next two gears, then jump again on the ledge on the right side. Move on the last gear and continue your way to complete the DLC.

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[Guide] Hello Neighbor 2 - Back To School : Complete Walkthrough (2024)


How do you beat the school minigame in Hello Neighbor? ›

At the end of the level, there is an exit door. When you open it, a mannequin enters from the left. It ducks and crawls through the door, then proceeding to grab you. However, if you press space repeatedly, you can struggle and eventually knock it over, ending the level and giving you the shove ability.

How many endings does Hello Neighbor 2 have? ›

There are 2 endings (Good and Bad). The Bad ending isn't hard to get at all. Just keep getting caught by the Guest. Every time you get a caught, a bomb is placed on a tall, white wall (The wall guarding the weather station).

How to finish Hello Neighbor 2 Act 2? ›

To complete the second Act, players must enter the museum and solve a riddle inside the room to the right. The puzzle involves collecting small houses and placing them on a map. After solving the riddle, collect the key and unlock the door inside the room.

What is the 3 letter word code in Hello Neighbor 2? ›

The three letters of the show gives you the code “NOT”, which you can turn the code to. This unlocks a secret room.

Where is the crowbar in Hello Neighbor 2 back to school? ›

Remove the wooden planks blocking the Attic entrance with a Crowbar (the Crowbar is in the art classroom).

What happens if you get caught in Hello Neighbor? ›

If the player is caught (or suffers a serious injury on the main point), they will be sent back to their own house and will have to break in again. Upon starting again, the player must be more careful, as the neighbor will deduce movements from the last attempt and set up traps.

What does the TV do in Hello Neighbor 2? ›

The TV is an item in Hello Neighbor that can be found in the Neighbor's house, and can be used to distract him.

Is Hello Neighbor 2 connected to 1? ›

Hello Neighbor 2 is a sequel to the hit title Hello Neighbor and follows journalist Quentin as he investigates the mystery of Raven Brooks, which just so happens to involve breaking and entering into a whole town's worth of houses.

What is the school code in Hello Neighbor? ›

Go to the schoolhouse's first floor. Head to the room with a locked cage. Type in the password (5223) acquired from the classroom puzzle to unlock the door.

What is the secret code in Hello Neighbor? ›

After getting up the ladder, you'll need to go through a series of rooms to find the code. If you photoshop the two pieces together and scan the code, it says; Can you see it? Remember 1003063 I had to hide it, they might find out. If you scan the code on your phone, it should call 1003063.

What is the code in Hello Neighbor 2 Museum? ›

To acquire the safe's code (1135), players should collect the three missing grandfather clock gears.

Where is the letter F in Hello Neighbor 2? ›

The letter F is in the bathroom, glued underneath the toilet lid.

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