Love After Lock Up? Jailbird Blueface Convinced His Ex Chrisean Rock To Move Back Into His Mansion (2024)

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Blueface is locked up again but somehow convinces his ex-lover, Chrisean Rock, to live in his home while he’s away.

Love After Lock Up? Jailbird Blueface Convinced His Ex Chrisean Rock To Move Back Into His Mansion (1)

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The “Vibe” rapper has happily accepted the romantic gestures Blueface has been sending from behind bars and subsequently moved into his mansion, The ShadeRoom reports.

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Blueface — born Jonathan Jamall Porter — began wooing his ex after turning himself in on Jan. 12. The “Lonely” rapper surrendered to police for violating his probation in connection to a 2021 assault case.

Reuniting with the mother of his child has seemingly been on Blueface’s mind as he serves his almost seven-month jail sentence. Rock took to her InstaStories on Jan. 25 to share a photo posing in front of a furniture-filled moving van. The mom of one captioned the photo, “Moving back with my baby daddddy.”

In addition, as the 23-year-old streamed on IG Live, she shared how she spent time with Jonathan before he was incarcerated.

“The week before the n***a was locked up, we had so much f***king fun together. That s**t was so fun,” Chrisean reminisced. “It’s, like, best friend type vibes. Nobody else can understand but us type sh*t.”

She continued, “I thought when he went to jail, I was just going to be like, ‘Alright, cool, great.’ But then, I ain’t going to hold you… you see how I try move on and s**t.”

The “Baby Father Drama” rapper eventually addressed the viral video of the pair having a heated argument. Chrisean claimed Blueface presented her with a question, “You finna be outside, or you finna be my b***h?”

Additionally, the Baddies alum revealed they have engaged in intense and lengthy phone conversations since his incarceration.

Following her Live, she posted a couple of photos with Chrisean Jr. nestled in her arms. It is unclear if she was chillin’ in Blueface’s abode, but some fans assert it was undoubtedly his home.

The new mom also showed off the new ink on her upper brow that read, “Jonathan.”

Social Media Drags Chrisean For Backsliding With Blueface After Multiple Messy Break-Ups

Love After Lock Up? Jailbird Blueface Convinced His Ex Chrisean Rock To Move Back Into His Mansion (5)

Source: Andrew J Cunningham / Getty

The TV personality’s followers weren’t happy about her decision to move back in with her alleged abusive baby daddy.

One commenter wrote, “Left your nice big house just to move back with him and he gonna come home and drag you out like Charles did Helen 🥱 whew Chile.”

Another added, people be rooting for you and you go out sad every timeeee.”

Someone else quipped, “That jail talk be one hell of a drug lol.”

One commenter surmised Blueface is using the mother of his child to cover his home’s expenses while he is jailed:

“What do you do when you owe almost a million on your house and you’re in jail ? Convince your simp to move in and pay the bills.”

To add a little cherry on top of the toxicity, Chrisean changed her profile pic to a photo of Blueface’s mug.

Blueface has been putting in work to convince Chrisean to come home as she revealed on a Jan. 16 Instagram Live stream, although she seemingly wasn’t initially falling for the West Coast rapper’s romantic efforts.

“I don’t like this — they get locked up, and then they get to calling you acting like it was a different story before they went up there,” the former athlete said. “Like how the f**k you even know what’s going on on the blogs? Oh, you was getting ready to ask me to be your girlfriend? What are you talking about, bro?”

However, things seemingly took a turn in Blueface’s favor on Jan. 19 when Chrisean took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and posted,

“I’m locked up too I’m waiting for Daddy,” she wrote.

Rock also noted that Blueface expressed that she was “doing something wrong” by moving forward with her life.

Manipulation at its finest.

It has been reported that Blueface phoned his first baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, from the pin, but it appears she is now romantically involved with a former women’s basketball player, Josselyn Morris.

The Shaderoom reported she was publicly locking lips with her new lady friend at Revel Hollywood. The “Barbie” rapper and Blueface called off their engagement just before he turned himself in, but social media seems to think the rookie rapper will scurry back to his arms after he’s released later this year.

For now, Chrisean is sitting pretty in Blueface’s crib, but fans are still hoping she will eventually keep her word and stand on business.

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Love After Lock Up? Jailbird Blueface Convinced His Ex Chrisean Rock To Move Back Into His Mansion (2024)
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