Who Is Chrisean Rock? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rising Reality Star (2024)

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By now, you’ve seen the name Chrisean Rock cross your timeline whether you’re a fan or not. Chrisean — real name Chrisean Malone — became a household name after her highly publicized relationship with rapper Blueface. Between her appearance on Zeus’ Baddies South, viral clips of her athletic nature, and fighting skills, Chrisean Rock is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Lizzo even dressed up like to reality TV star on Halloween. So who exactly is Chrisean Rock?

The West Baltimore native is a music artist, former track star, and rising star in the Internet space. Chrisean was one of the top runners in her conference at Santa Monica College in California. Not bad for the young woman who was homeless at age nine. She also washed her competition on a viral episode of Ultimate Tag on Fox where she won $10,000.

Star Athlete

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Chrisean Rock has 12 siblings. Her father was in and out of prison for most of her childhood and her mother suffered with drug addiction.

She admitted during an interview, she was abused as a child. “As a young, black, beautiful woman, I am a survivor, Chrisean toldFox45 News. “Since I didn’t have the childhood I should’ve had; then I can have the future that I deserve. Despite the hardships she faced during her upbringing, she was a star athlete. According to Blavity, she trained for Junior Olympics from the age of 12 up until 17. She recently competed on FOX showUltimate Tagand won.

Chrisean Rock Dates Blueface

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Despite Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s on-again-off-again relationship, the couple are, well, a couple… Even though they’ve been tied to one another since her days on Blueface’s pandemic Only Fans show Blue Girls Club, Chrisean and Blueface made it “official” on August 10. “He officially asked me to be his girlfriend today. save the date august 10th, 2022,” she tweeted.

Chrisean has seven tattoos of Blueface on her body including two prominent pieces of art on her neck. Just weeks after announcing their breakup, Chrisean debuted her latest ink.

Chrisean Rock And Blueface Are Crazy In Love

Chrisean Rock and her boyfriend Blueface landed their own reality TV show Crazy In Love on the Zeus Network. Fans have accused the network of glorifying domestic violence after Chrisean and Blueface have been recorded physically attacking each other. In several other instances, Chrisean accused Blueface of pulling out her hair and assaulting her after she took his phone. On another occasion, she admitted to confronting him about his infidelities. “I broke everything in my hotel room, in front of everybody,” she can be heard saying on Instagram Live. “I broke the TV, the window. He had to run from that hotel to another one.”

The Crazy In Love trailer offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of their turbulent relationship, including the moment Blueface got into a fight with Chrisean’s estranged father.

What Happened To Chrisean Rock’s Tooth?

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Chrisean Rock lost her front tooth during a fight on Blueface’sOnlyfans reality show,Blue Girls Club. She eventually got a replacement with Blueface’s name on it. Yes, you read that correctly. Her tooth had a picture of Blueface on it, leading to the nickname Bluetooth.

After an argument, Blueface accused Chrisean of being “unreliable” after her fixed smile. “Me and Rock, we vibe,” Blueface claimed during an IG Live. “She’s not reliable enough—I mean we had an agreement and she didn’t hold up her end of the agreement, simple as that. That’s all that is. It’s not a breakup.”

Chrisean offered to remove her tooth to appease the Thotiana rapper. She later put it back in.

Chrisean Rock Parties With Diddy

Since appearing on Zeus Network’s Baddies South, Chrisean Rock’s star has risen and continues to rise. This past weekend, she was spotted partying with Diddy, and Yung Miami. Fans noted how she was able to navigate the room with the biggest superstars in the world without her problematic partner Blueface. Chrisean posted a video of herself of Diddy giving her “her flowers.”

Chrisean is clearly the real star in her relationship with Blueface.


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Who Is Chrisean Rock? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rising Reality Star (2024)
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